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About me - Sofias Cake Studio

About me

Hi! My name is Sofia Molina Costa


My story is quite simple…Cakes seduced me since my 4th birthday when I received my first bake-o-light oven. As soon as I touched the flour, mixed the sugar and saw the cake rise—it just felt like home. So in a way, baking and cake decorating found me. Since then, I have been delicately yet passionately refining my art and training.


I have a mixture of influences and backgrounds, highlighted by my fine arts and art history degree from UCLA combined with my classical pastry chef training at the International Culinary Center in California. I worked within the industry for 13 years in a few high profile bakeries, making cakes for the likes of Silicon Valley giants, sports figures, musicians, directors and actors and people from all walks of life who just wanted an unforgettable cake, so when I say Ive seen and done it all, I certainly have—although I do always welcome a new exciting challenge.


For me, each customer is important, and so in 2014, I decided to open my own bespoke desserts and cakes business in San Francisco. After successfully managing my business and maintaining a 5 star rating, my family and I decided to move to Mallorca in 2018 for a more international experience and continue our business and we have never looked back since.
When it comes to the design, each client receives my complete attention and knowledge and together, the outcome is a delicious yet beautifully designed cake. I see what I do as an artistry, and I can tell you that I live and breath through invention and each cake will be like an art piece you’ll never want to cut and serve but when you do you wont regret it.


Typically I meet my clients for a tasting, where they can taste several cake flavors and afterwards we can sit and discuss feedback, tastes, elements, colors, and together we come up with a clear design. I typically sketch rough draft and later on provide a colored and detailed rendering of how the final product will look. In between the sketch and the final day, there will be plenty of time, to rework a design, and perfect it until each client is satisfied—thats my promise.


After 20 years in this industry, Ive realized my biggest hope when making a clients cake, is that when they enter the event space or room, they’re no longer looking at a cake, but instead their looking at a piece of art that fits the room, and that their guests will leave charmed by the whole experience.
My favorite part about catering to each one of my clients, is that I get to work alongside them and understand their needs wholeheartedly and in return I can create something spectacular they will never forget.


Every cake, I feel my heart goes into the design but my soul goes into the baking because I believe the taste is the most important part of the cake. Every nuanced flavor and aroma, I have placed there, thoughtfully, catering to each individual client, every step of the way.

Do yo have a question?

Please don't hesitate to call me at + 34 664-884-557